S2 E31 - Best Friends :)

Free Agency Frenzy!  A new draft board breakdown featuring TE's and Safeties!  The best WR's in the league are moving to new teams and we are ready to tell you all about it.

PushOff Podcast
S2 E30 - Raider Nation: Alive & Well?

Scott and Dan once again have guest spot and elite draft mind J Corey on the show this week as they discuss WR's & CB's in the draft, Keenum in DC and where Antonio Brown has finally chosen where he'll play this year.

PushOff Podcast
S2 E28 - The Juniper Tug

A slow NFL news week so of course we are discussing the mess Robert Kraft got himself into in Florida. 'Oh Bobby...' Also we give you our off-season show schedule for all the die-hards that still need their NFL football fix.

Universehead Podcast Network
S2 E27 - State of the League 2019

We have guests J Corey and Garrett on the mics for our big episode covering where the NFL stands as an organization including discussions on social justice, rule changes and the future of the league. Also our take on the Flacco trade and Hunt signing.

Universehead Podcast Network
S2 E24 - The Trip to Cabo

One hell of a Championship weekend. We now have the match up for Super Bowl LIII and we are here to help all those attending a party without seeing a snap of football prior. Tony Romo probably already told you.