Episode 105 - Ew, It's a DC Episode

Brett and EvilJeff take a super deep breath and focus on, ew, DC Comics. We review that Conner Kent episode of Titans, Joker, as well as Event Leviathan and Wonder Twins. (Don't worry, we threw Powers of X #6 in here too because we couldn't help ourselves.)

Episode 104 - NYCC and X-Polyamory

Brett went to NYCC without EvilJeff. Join us as one friend brags to another about the hot celebs he met and the news he learned. Plus, House of X #6 has ended its half of the #HOXPOX era with a giant Ewok-style yub nub party. And it looks like it's about to get a little poly.

Episode 102 - Velvet Goldballs

Goldballs is now one of the most important mutants in history. CW's Crisis on Infinite Earths is a veritable SuperVerse. JJ Abrams and son weave an unexpected web in Spider-Man. And Brett and EvilJeff have a big fight about AHS: 1984. All this plus an inside look at mutant orgies in this very goldballsy episode.

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Episode 101 - Sinister Secrets ... SOLVED!

These two sexy hosts of a podcast, one that keeps it gay and geeky, have been seen rummaging through mutant-minded gossip in order to spit some truth about Dawn of X. But before they dish, they dive into some Hot Topics and review Powers of X #4, Punisher Kill Krew #2, Gwenpool Strikes Back #2, Silver Surfer: Black #4, Event Leviathan #4, and Wonder Twins #7 ... plus It: Chapter Two and Titans S2!

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Episode 100 - NO MORE!

We did it! Brett and EvilJeff celebrate 100 episodes of this nonsense by unveiling a new show format. We talk about House of X, Alpha Flight, Something is Killing the Children, Buffy & Angel, the history of Image Comics, and more! Thank you to all the listeners who have put up with our crap for 100 episodes!

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Episode 98 - Here For the D23

D23 dumped a load on us to take away our Tom Holland blues. Brett and EvilJeff dive into the news and get a little hysterical. We also talk about Mystique and Destiny's first on-panel kiss in History of the Marvel Universe #2 and the big reveals contained within Powers of X #3. Plus, Brett predicts a big death coming in House of X that could influence some of the action in Dawn of X.

Episode 93 - SDCC OMG

Saturday, July 20. A day that will live in geek infamy as Marvel announced the Hickman era X-Men lineups and the Phase 4 slate of the MCU. Every announcement rocked our little asses. Let's dive in.

Episode 92 - X-Men: Bitch Slaps

The Age of X-Man is over. The surviving X-Men are together again. But, girrrl, that panel! We talk X-Force, Age of X-Man, and Uncanny ... with a little bit of Jessica Jones, Jimmy Olsen, and Wonder Twins thrown in for flavor.

Episode 91 - Spider-Man: Far From Home

Tom Holland sticks to our dreams like so much web fluid, so we review Spider-Man: Far From Home. We also dive into Sina Grace's chilly experience working on Iceman. And finally, Emma Frost receives an undercut that will change the Marvel Universe forever!

Episode 90 - We Need The X-Men!

We talk Angel's 20th, Agents of SHIELD's stellar episode, Spider-Man: Far From Home early reactions, and comic books like Clue: Candlestick, War Scrolls, Psi-Lords, Uncanny X-Men, and the conclusion of Ed Piskor's fun, fun X-Men: Grand Design! Phew.

Episode 89 - It’s Rainbow-Colored

Corporations love to put a rainbow on their stuff while also funding Republicans. Luckily we have comic books to help us forget! Jessica Jones! Striking Vipers! Event Leviathan! Wonder Twins! Silver Surfer: Black! WotR: Giant-Man! And more!

Episode 87 - Bitter

War of the Realms takes us to Yancy Street, drag brunch, and behind enemy lines. The X-Tremists gives us the mutant threesome of our dreams. X-Men: Grand Design tackles Brett and EvilJeff's favorite X-Men era. And Doom Patrol S1 wraps. Too bad EvilJeff is too bitter to enjoy any of it!

Episode 86 - Siri H for Hero

We revel in Doom Patrol's penultimate episode and talk some comic book news. Plus, we ask ourselves if there is more to Wolfsbane's death than we realize as we talk about War of the Realms: Uncanny, War of the Realms: Strikeforce, Dial H for Hero, and more!