Episode 79 - Newly Wed

Steve got married, Facebook got slammed with a $5 billion penalty, & we try Carolina Reaper sauce. Equifax is dishing out $$ to folks affected by their data breach, Arby’s is headed to Area 51, & Chris would never eat maggot cheese.

Episode 78 - Titanic II

...is setting sail 2022. We discuss this future voyage, Kraft’s ‘salad frosting’, opioid addicted parrots and lame PR stunts like Reynolds Wrap’s tasty job offer and Planters Peanuts’ new sneakers CRUNCH FORCE 1. PLUS another round of ‘Yay or Nay’ with odd pet products for sale.

Episode 77 - Nacho Cheese Hot Tub

What would be in your dream house if you had $$? We discuss MacKenzie Bezos donating half her fortune to charity, money wasters that drain retirement savings, & how expensive Disneyland’s new Star Wars attraction is. Uber’s about to boot bad passengers, Illinois legalizes marijuana, & more business highlights!

Episode 75 - Diamond

Chris & Steve discuss avocado shoes, life saving backpacks and a man who claims Taco Bell sauce saved his life (and his dog). This & more! It’s our Diamond episode, friends. 75 under our belts. Thanks for listening and supporting.

Episode 73 - Chipotlanes

Chris is back! A lot of food business updates this episode: Coca-Cola’s newest flavor in over a decade, iHop’s Pancake Pizza, and Drive Thru Chipotles. National Enquirer is trying to take on Bezos, a comic shop owner is “giving away” his comic shop, and the new app TUDDER.

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Episode 71 - Food and Future

Special pals Garrett and Producer Drew join Steve again while Chris is out of town. The guys discuss Superbowl ads, Nitro Pepsi, and Valen-Heinz Ketchup Caviar. Amazon is building new delivery robots and the streaming wars continue. This & more!

Episode 70 - Delusional Attracts Delusional

Chris is out of town, so Steve is joined by our good pals Garrett and Producer Drew! We review the recent Fyre Festival documentaries, a “teachable parasite” that stops your snooping smart speakers, and 70,000 recalled Chicken Nuggets! Garrett hates concerts and Drew hates Pepsi commercials. This & more!

Episode 67 - 2018 Gift Exchange

Steve & Chris do their annual gift exchange in this last episode of 2018! We also discuss Johnson & Johnson having asbestos in their baby powder, another Facebook bug that exposes users’ photos, and last minute holiday gift ideas. See you in the New Year!

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Episode 66 - Holiday Gree-Grumps

We discuss Chris’ holiday singing tradition, Burger King’s Whopper stunt at McDonald’s, and a 7 year old who makes $22 million. MoviePass is still struggling to survive, Japan’s final pager service is dying, and MORE FUN HOLIDAY GIFT IDEAS.

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Episode 65 - Labor Day on Christmas

Chris & Steve discuss holiday airline “secrets”, Alexa Big Mouth Billy Bass, and an ATM that just started spitting out $100 bills. Mead is apparently making a comeback and doggy daycares that serve liquor. This, more, and Grinch facts!

Episode 63 - 10,000 Rats

We here at IM are getting ready for the holiday season. We discuss Chris' Thanksgiving prep tips, the ground turkey recall and the most dangerous Black Friday states. Also, Steve and Chris argue about a Count Chocula movie.

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Episode 62 - Kangaroo Robots

Marvel giant, Stan Lee, passed away and Steve is bummed about it. Disney named their streaming service “Disney+”, Alibaba’s “Singles’ Day” hit another record, and the Dow Jones dropped 600 points. This and more including animal robots and Hot Cheeto ice cream!

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Episode 60 - Spooktober

Chris & Steve discuss slimmer Reese’s and the most popular candy this year. Tesla is slashing prices of their Model 3 “performance package”, Chick-fil-A is upping their delivery game, and a man broke his hip buying a lottery ticket. This, more, and a dive into our mail bag.