Episode 65 - Labor Day on Christmas

Chris & Steve discuss holiday airline “secrets”, Alexa Big Mouth Billy Bass, and an ATM that just started spitting out $100 bills. Mead is apparently making a comeback and doggy daycares that serve liquor. This, more, and Grinch facts!

Episode 63 - 10,000 Rats

We here at IM are getting ready for the holiday season. We discuss Chris' Thanksgiving prep tips, the ground turkey recall and the most dangerous Black Friday states. Also, Steve and Chris argue about a Count Chocula movie.

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Episode 62 - Kangaroo Robots

Marvel giant, Stan Lee, passed away and Steve is bummed about it. Disney named their streaming service “Disney+”, Alibaba’s “Singles’ Day” hit another record, and the Dow Jones dropped 600 points. This and more including animal robots and Hot Cheeto ice cream!

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Episode 60 - Spooktober

Chris & Steve discuss slimmer Reese’s and the most popular candy this year. Tesla is slashing prices of their Model 3 “performance package”, Chick-fil-A is upping their delivery game, and a man broke his hip buying a lottery ticket. This, more, and a dive into our mail bag.

Episode 59 - Donkey Science

Steve & Chris discuss brick and mortar retail with Sears filing for bankruptcy and Toys R Us exploring a possible comeback. Greece bans overweight tourists from riding their donkeys, Steve can’t pronounce “Cracker Barrel”, and we chat “robot love” with our very own Universehead AI.

Episode 58 - One Complete Failure

Chris rambles to himself as Steve wastes all of his money on nerd conventions in New York.  Chris talks about the UFC melee, Hershey reinventing impulse buying, dips into the mailbag and talks about big Fortnite profits.  This episode is sponsored by welltakethatbet.com, the best betting website in the history of the world. 

Episode 57 - Breakfast Beers

Chris & Steve discuss Elon Musk stepping down as Tesla chairman, Facebook in hot water after another security breach, and MoviePass’ new play since they aren’t dead yet. Dunkin’s got a beer, IHOP’s got a beer, and Chris has some more wedding advice.

Episode 54 - The Safest Bet

Steve & Chris talk about Sony’s business decision to make Spider-Man ONLY for PS4, Nike’s Colin Kaepernick ad, and rich Silicon Valley folks’ doomsday hobby. Chris has got some wedding advice, Elon Musk smoked some pot, and more!

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Episode 53 - Steve’s Back

And he’s engaged. We discuss food business headlines this week: Nestle wants our DNA, Campbell’s soup can’t handle their fresh foods business, and KFC will pay you $11k if you name your baby “Harland”. This, more, and strange products currently out in market!

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Episode 51 - Kidneys & Cigarettes

Steve is out of town, so our good friend Garrett "Polar Bear" Kelly fills in.  Garrett and Chris talk about the black market, sweet sweet cigarettes and why Garrett's dad has FIVE kidneys.  That's right, FIVE kidneys.  This, more, and business headlines!

Episode 48 - Busty Crustaceans

FDA is cracking down on the use of ‘milk’, Comcast drops out of the Fox Deal, and Netflix is making some changes! Does Netflix have the potential to ever take on Disney? We talk robot bugs, robot dogs, and how 3D printed guns are a bad idea. This, more and meatloaf.

Episode 47 - What’s Truly Worth Waiting For

Chris never went to Blockbuster as a kid which is probably why there’s only 1 left in the US now. Steve & Chris try and see both sides of the coin when a Build-A-Bear ‘pay your age’ promo goes wrong. Also: Papa John is a dummy, Musk wants to fix Flint’s water & cocktails as big as your head!

Episode 46 - Trucker’s Paradise

Jeff hated the corporate world so he quit to become a truck driver and never looked back. We discuss truck life, Elon Musk submarines and where electric car batteries go when they retire. Costco food courts are going healthy and bitcoin is still dumb. This and more!