Episode 40 - Generation Strain

On this very special 40th episode, Brett and EvilJeff celebrate their gay death episode by bringing on the very talented creator,  writer for The Magicians, comic book colorist, and all around delightful human, Christina Strain.

Episode 33 - Infinite *SPOILERS*

WARNING: Don't listen to this episode until you have seen Infinity War at least 3 times. Brett and Evil talk ALL about the whole movie. There is no section in the recording where they are NOT talking about it so skim at your own risk.

Episode 31 - Cephalopod HR-14C

EvilJeff employs Gay Detective for Hire: Brett to figure out the mystery behind the wanted posters shown in the background in Legion using the best technologies available.  Who are they? What are they? You won't believe what he finds out!! Actually you will because there is no reason not to.