Episode 37 - Dirtpads

We’re failures. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! We’ve got a jam packed episode: Alexa is gaining a memory, Avengers brings in $$$, Hasbro buys Power Rangers, and Nestle wants to market Starbucks. This & more!

Episode 35 - The Next Gimmick

Chris & Steve discuss China’s Smart Road, new products like Mayochup & Butt Pillows, and our continued thumbs down to bitcoin. Garrett Kelly joins us to discuss Marky Zuck & the Facebook Crew’s chat with Congress!

Episode 33 - Take The Blue Pill

Chris & Steve debate over Ketchup Slices, Chris practices being an HR Director, and we discuss Tesla’s bad week. Amazon’s stock dropped, but that’s ok because Jeff Bezos has a robot dog now and wants his own ‘Game of Thrones’. This, more, and a bit of that business advice.

Episode 30 - Be Skeptical

Chris & Steve talk QUANTUM SUPREMACY, podcasts made by AI robots, and Chris takes a stab at some of his own advertising taglines. Would you buy a beehive for inside your home? Would you buy an $11k toilet? This, more, and what burns our biscuits! 

Episode 29 - War & Peace

Battles happening everywhere! Chris & Steve talk Trade Wars, Amazon vs. Google, and KFC vs. garbage people! Chris bought some stocks in Marijuana and apparently standing desks are bad for your health now. This, more, and some bidness advice.

Episode 25 - Silver

Our ‘Silver Anniversary’ episode! Chris & Steve talk about Amazon Go opening, the dangers of Tesla's autopilot, Office Workers vs Remote Workers, and IKEA's pregnancy test. This, more, & Elon Musk’s new flamethrower...

Episode 24 - Thin The Herd

Steve & Chris talk about teens eating Tide Pods, highlights from CES 2018, & Pac-Man Productivity. Jeff Bezos becomes the richest person in history and Elon Musk loses a satellite…This, more, & our Next Great(?) Ideas! 

Episode 23 - Tim Kazurinsky

Actor/Screenwriter Tim Kazurinsky (SNL, Police Academy, Wicked…) joins Steve & Chris this week! We discuss failed auditions, hacked sex robots, and the boys pitch Tim their Next Great Ideas. This, more, & theater business advice from Tim!

Episode 22 - Twenty Nineteen

Happy New Year! We got one more 2017 episode in before 2018. Steve & Chris talk robot dogs, tax plans, friending your boss, and a year in review of Amazon & Tesla. We also have 2018 predictions AND resolutions. Hold on to your butts...

Episode 21 - Swipe To Open

Our last holiday episode of the year! We discuss more weird gift ideas, the movie business with Garrett Kelly, and who’s on that Naughty or Nice List. Elon Musk? Naughty. Cyborgs? Nice. Happy Holidays & Good. Luck.

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Episode 19 - There’s Your Santa

Steve & Chris get in the holiday spirit with a gift exchange, Chris’s rant on Santa, and our new game, “Yay or Sleigh?”, featuring weird holiday gifts for babies & pets. This, more, and some of that sweet business advice gold.